Studio Services for Musicians

Need some promo material? Want some help with your backing tracks? On a limited budget?

We can help you.

Low cost demo tracks and other services for musicians. Budget studio, recording, backing tracks, video and audio conversion

As performing musicians we've accumulated expertise in producing demos, videos and backing tracks for our own use. Now we can provide these facilities to others.

We provide budget recording services to create demo tracks for your website or on CD - and now we can do it remotely! For people who use backing tracks, we generate customised products, including click tracks where needed. We produce video, recorded either live at a gig, or in the studio.

We provide audio file conversion services for musicians with a backing track collection on CD or minidisk who wish to have their collection as mp3 files on a portable device.

Are you talker rather than a singer? No problem - we helped a hypnotist produce a CD of relaxing talk against background atmospheric music.

Low cost demos

Looking to get some demo tracks on line but lacking recording facilities? We can offer you a low cost recording and mixing service from our home studio using pro quality software and equipment. We can also record remotely where musicians are in a different location from us. Employing various techniques to make your recording sound really good, we use a consultative approach to get it the way you want. We will record live gigs and can shoot video for these as well.

Click here for audio examples and here for video.

Backing tracks customisation

If commercial backing tracks don't meet your needs out of the box we can help. We can tweak tracks to provide extra choruses, verses, definite endings etc. We can help you add harmonies. With MIDI we can change key and take out or add extra instruments and then generate audio files for you. For bands who want to add a click track we can do that too. We also generate backing tracks from scratch.

For examples click here

Audio file conversion

Still using minidisks or CDs for your backing tracks? We can convert them to MP3 for you, so you can use your phone or tablet rather than have to gig a minidisk player and separate disks. You can get to any one track a lot faster with MP3s and can also put together a range of playlists to suit different gigs. If you are new to portable devices we can advise you on purchases and load your MP3 tracks on to your portable device.

Other Services

Perhaps what you want doesn't quite fit our packaged offerings? For example you want to talk rather than sing, or you want a video shot in the studio rather than at a performance? Shot your own video but only want to use the best bits? Want a backing track that you can't find anywhere else? Perhaps you are using a legacy system for your backing tracks and need to modernise? No harm in contacting us, as we may be able to help.

For our videos click here

Sonic Reaction are based in Basingstoke, Hampshire. If you are in East Wiltshire, Hampshire, Berkshire, Surrey or West London you should be able to get to us without difficulty. Its also possible that what you want can all be done remotely.